The Burst and Bloom

Burlington , 3425 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60647, Chicago


Kodakrome is a Post-Punk trio with a love for all things catchy and dissonant. Combining backgrounds of synth-laden electro-punk, hardcore, and pop punk come songs that range from 20 second mantras to extended builds layered with thick and messy guitars, fuzzed out bass lines, and erratic vocals. Lyrical content varies from stream of consciousness to self-assuring affirmations, point-of-view story-telling and anything in-between, creating songs that feel both nostalgic and unsettling.


Holly & The Nice Lions are a Wisconsin based rock and roll band named by a four year old.


Music is all about chemistry, and chemistry is all about bonds. When musicians share the unique bond of life-long friendships, the results are quite spectacular. This is the case of The Burst and Bloom, 4 talented Chicago musicians who have been playing music together in various capacities for over 16 years. This is their brand new adventure in the world of DIY original music: the group is proudly in charge of writing, producing and recording their own material and their vision is simple: making the best music they can possibly make, approaching each song with integrity and with the goal of crafting something truly excellent for themselves and their listeners.

HARRY VETCH (ex Paperbacks)

These guys still have beepers.